I combine B&W archive photographs with photos I shoot

from the same vantage point in the present day.  

I blend the photos together to form a single image,

revealing parts of the old scene and parts of the new.

Libertyville, Glenview, Barrington, Grayslake, IL

847 run april no crash.jpg
cook parkbw.jpg

Libertyville, " Downtown Milwaukee Avenue"

Libertyville, IL


Barrington, IL

catlow bw.jpg
catlow best new.jpg

Barrington, "The Catlow Theater"


Glenview, IL

bw rugins.jpg
rugen bldg alone best.jpg

Glenview,  "Rugen Stores"


bw bonton.jpg

Grayslake, IL

glakebonton best.jpg

Grayslake, "Bon Ton Dept. Store"


The Sixties

Gone but Not Forgotten - Blended Images

haight george 8x10.jpg
george janis 8 x10 new and grace.jpg
evanston stairs truckin 11x7.jpg

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