Glenview, Illinois 

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Rugen Stores, on Glenview Road, originally opened in 1905. A kind of early mini-mall, it housed grocery, hardware, clothing, and dry goods under one roof. Print #104

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After John Dilg purchased Al Eustis's tavern in 1889 he added a third floor. Known as Dilg's Tavern or the Glen View House the building

became a social and civic center. Print #96


In 1889, H.L. Harms built this saloon a block North of Glenview Road. Later the Rugen family operated Grandpa's for over 50 years. Print #107


The Patio Shops were added to the downtown business district in the 1950s. Among the businesses located there were Chip's Casuals and Chick's n Chaps. Print #108

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4th of July Parade down Glenview Road in 1965, Print #102

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