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Libertyville, Illinois

On the right are the former New Castle Hotel, Jewel Foods,

Martin Senour Paints, and The Liberty Theater.

The new Firkin's Restaurant is on the left. Print #71


Now & Then Photos

cookpark deville BEST.jpg

Milwaukee & Church Streets, Downtown Libertyville.

Featuring Pizzeria DeVille & B. Bungalow

Cook Park is on the left. Print #72


Now & Then Photos

1966downtownguards BEST 10x17 new.jpg

Downtown Libertyville, Milwaukee & Lake Streets.

Featuring Shakou Restaurant. Some of the former businesses shown are, Liberty Liquors, Bernard Olds, & Lawrence Brothers. Print #97


Now & Then Photos

1930 morgans  BEST.jpg


Downtown Libertyville, Some of the former businesses

shown are, F.W. Woolworth, Martin Seynour Paints, & Herschberger's

Appliance Store. Print #66



Now & Then Photos

miloldrollands BEST.jpg

Downtown Libertyville, featuring Rolland's Jewelers. Two of the former businesses shown are 

Thigg's Shoe Store, & Lovell's Drugs. Print #65


Now & Then Photos

liberty theatre new jf 2020 11x17.jpg

The Liberty Theater, Downtown Libertyville.

Now 2020 & Then 1958

Now & Then Photos

More Libertyville 

Crash Scene Milwaukee Ave.
Adler Arts Center (front)
Adler Arts Center (rear)
Music Box/Touche
Henry Yee's/Green Room
liberty theatre

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Now & Then Photos

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